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NORTH LAUDERDALE, Fla. – A 16-year-old kid handed himself over to agents on Monday and was captured for tossing Nancy James, 68, into the pool at a gathering, the Broward Sheriff’s Office reports.

The lady is seen on video being attacked and tossed into a pool in the wake of griping about clamor at a North Lauderdale party.

“Nobody ought to ever, ever, ever, ever, need to experience that, you know?” James said. “It just shouldn’t occur. The child has not developed yet into what should be as an individual.”

Video shared via web-based networking media indicates James entering the pool zone at the Player’s Place flat complex on Saturday with her two little pooches.

James can be seen soliciting partygoers to bring down the level from clamor at the gathering. An expected 200 individuals were going to the gathering, the vast majority of them children.

A gathering of individuals encompass James, snickering and bringing video with their cell phones.

A teenager in a red shirt is then observed getting James and tumbling to the ground. It’s not known whether the adolescent endeavored to body pummel James, or in the event that he slipped on the wet asphalt.

After the fall, the high schooler grabs James and tosses her into the pool while she kept on holding the chain of her canines.

“I didn’t even truly get the chance to stroll in and this child digs out from a deficit, lifts me up, drops me and drags me into the pool,” James said.

James said she is on the affiliation leading group of the complex and that she’d gotten a few protestations about the clamor level.

“Children are children, regardless, will host gatherings,” James said. “Simply lower the music.”

Herve Mompoint, who went to the gathering, revealed to Local 10 News that things got insane at the gathering.

“Whatever happened simply happened that day. You know, a couple kids got insane a tad bit,” Mompoint said.

Party participants can be heard shouting and giggling as they rapidly fled from the territory.

“All I seen was individuals go running, so I run out the entryway, and after that I backpedaled to perceive what happened and I see she like turned out the pool and she was wet,” Anderson Valcin said.

Agents said James endured wounds on her shoulder and leg and declined to go to a clinic. In any case, neighbors revealed to Local 10 News that James ended up in the crisis room and was discharged Monday morning.

The Broward Sheriff’s Office is right now researching the occurrence and hoping to talk with witnesses.

Occupants at the condo complex said they were stunned at what happened in their group.

“Most importantly, I can’t trust that some individual would be permitted to act that way,” said Tracy Ann Simmonds. “These youngsters are a tiny bit wild.”

Simmonds said James was the main individual she met at the Player’s Place townhomes, and that she can’t trust somebody would accomplish something like this

“She’s a senior, you have to show regard for your older folks that is insane, that is a shocking, unpleasant thing that happened to her,” said Simmonds.

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Updated: May 9, 2017 — 6:44 AM

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